About Me

Digital advertising, web development, and online marketing are my three key pillars of expertise. I have 5+ years of experience building successful online businesses. At the end of the day it's all about establishing a customer centric business model that enhances the users experience and ultimately shapes that experience into an aquisition.

Building an Online Brand

Several clients I work with have recently come to the realisation that their online presence plays as part of a users journey before a sale is made. Hugely important. Businesses I work with soon come to the realisation that consumers digest a MASSIVE amount of digital content. Why not be apart of that? I delve deep within the customers online journey and identify multiple opportunities to reach the most relevant users and drive aquisitions.

How We Do It

To truly build a successful online presence it is important to approach the digital platform in its' entirety. I use a three step model:

  1. Awareness: Drive brand recognition through paid Facebook advertising and strong social media presence.
  2. Consideration: Are you visible when users are considering your product or service? Use a mix of paid search ads and SEO to achieve this.
  3. Intent: Recieve more sales and more customers through an optimised website that tracks aquisitions via analytics integration.

What’s Next

If you have any questions around SEM or social advertising that I can implement for you, please get in touch. I have several client and testimonies that can attest to my work and the results that I drive for their website.

- Braden Dawson.

“Braden is a safe pair of hands, a reliable and dependable expert in all things digital” Paul Tweedie, Spot.co.nz